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Just like all edges, each of these may have its own set of prerequisites.  
This is simply a list of edges that certain members of the paladin class may 
receive if all of the prerequisites are met.  Some of these edges might also 
be available to other classes.  Please do not pray/complain if your character 
does not see some part of this list, as it is by design that you will only see 
edges listed that you meet all of the prerequisites for and therefore may 

See HELP EDGES for more details.  
See HELP <edge> for more information on a specific edge.

Charity of the Pure
Sealed Life
Burning Brimstone
Vampire Hunter
Angel Skin
Divine Might
Share Life
Divine Bodyguard
Healing Touch
Inspiring Crusade
Shield Charge
Shield Flurry
Crippling Defense
Divine the Tainted
Banisher of the Taint
Rejuvenating Touch
Faithful Seeker
Bladed Barrier
Striking Shield
Angel Flight
Fury of the Righteous
Blessed Fast
Bolt of Glory
Fortified Faith
Mass Deliverance
Shield Riposte
Sense Malice
Crusader's Grip
Mailed Templar
Templar's Aim
Sacred Oils
Purified Mind