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Just like all edges, each of these may have its own set of prerequisites.  
This is simply a list of edges that certain members of the invoker class may 
receive if all of the prerequisites are met.  Some of these edges might also 
be available to other classes.  Please do not pray/complain if your character 
does not see some part of this list, as it is by design that you will only see 
edges listed that you meet all of the prerequisites for and therefore may 

See HELP EDGES for more details. 
See HELP <edge> for more information on a specific edge.

Extra Affinity
Combat Elementalist
Absolute Zero
Earth Ward
Earth Push
Electrical Enchanter
Piercing Needles
Wounding Needles
Glacial Mind
Concentrated Vitriol
Demielemental Transcendence
Solipsistic Shielding
Rend Elements
Elemental Abjuration
Earth Power
Martial Invoker
Needle Spray
Arcing Bolt
Igniting Nova
Scalding Geyser
Chilling Geyser
Mage of the Depths
Spiked Pits
Bend Air
Persistent Earthrain
Desperate Unweaving
Civic Elementalist
Natural Elementalist
Elementalist of the Golden Grimoire
Mind Over Flame
Fast Deshield
Calmed Mind