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Just like all edges, each of these may have its own set of prerequisites. 
This is simply a list of edges that certain members of the druid class may be 
able to choose if all of the prerequisites are met. Some of these edges might 
also be available to other classes. Please do not  pray/complain if your 
character does not see some part of this list, as it  is by design that you 
will only see edges listed that you meet all of the prerequisites for and 
therefore may choose. 

See HELP EDGES for more details. 
See HELP <name of edge> for more information on a specific edge.

Adept of the Great Cycle
Beast Tamer
Beetles Shell
Bolt From the Blue
Comprehend Animals
Crystal Drawer
Deny Flesh 
Deny Wood 
Deny Bone 
Deny Metal
Drawer of Dawn
Drawer of Twilight
Herbal Focus
Herbal Regeneration
Holder of the Eternal Flame
Initiate of the Dark Moon
Initiate of the Deserts
Initiate of the Great Cycle
Lodestone Lightning
Massive Metamorph
Metal Antipathy
Medicine Man
Moonlight Charmed
Oak of Balance
Oak of the Prime
Oak Shaper
Oak's Wisdom
Power of Faith
Primordial Avenger
Seed Spray
Shards of Contagion
Shards of Venom
Skin of the Redwoods
Snake Charmer
Storm Master
Sun Soaker
Telluric Adept
Verdant Lord
Violet Spiders Redemption
Wild-Blessed Metamorph
Wild Caller
Wild-Exalted Metamorph