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Following all of the steps below may not be necessary for empowerment.  
However, if you're having problems it is an excellent checklist to go over and 
should help you come into contact with your deity.

1. Empowerment really isn't recommended for new players.  It's a test of 
roleplay and there's luck involved with being on at the same time your god is 
on and free to interact with you.  It can be frustrating even for a seasoned 
player that's learned the ropes.  Please play other classes and interact with 
the religion systems before attempting an empowered class.

2. Write a role.  See HELP ROLE for more tips.  Many gods won't even talk to 
you without a good role, a good description, and a chosen sphere.

3. It's usually easier to gain empowerment under a known deity.  This means an 
actual immortal character.  Each active religion has a helpfile that explain 
the religion and names the spheres this god oversees.  If you want to follow 
that god make sure to pick an appropriate sphere.  It is possible to find 
empowerment without getting it from a known god (ie, sometimes a god that's 
free will notice your roleplay and interact with you by some other means) but 
this can, logistically, take much longer and may never work for you.

4. Pray for them in their shrine.  Make sure you're in the right shrine.  Wait 
awhile after sending up a prayer.  Many, many times an immortal is working on 
another aspect of the mud and when they notice the prayer the mortal has 
already wandered off.  It is recommended you wait 10 minutes at the shrine 
after praying.

5. If you've tried for several days following the above guidelines and still 
not heard from your god, you should write a note, in game, to that god.  If 
this does not bring results, you should email the god at (godname)