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Undead is a rather generic term applied to any form of creature which
was formerly living but resurrected using negative energy.  The descriptions
in this helpfile are mainly for background purposes, and certain undead
creatures may not display all the traits listed here (at least not in a
manner in which can be verified by mortal eyes).

The most common undead are animations, or mindless servitors such as
skeletons, constructs (flesh golems) and zombies.  Typically, these are
reanimated using dark magics.  These lumbering corpses have no intelligent
thought, and will follow their masters to whatever doom is imposed upon
them.  If animated by a sufficiently powerful force, certain animations
can inherent some traits/abilities from their former lives, and can
perform simple tasks (such as sentry duty or unsupervised labor) without
having to be directly controlled.

The next type of undead variety is the trapped lifeforce variety, or
malevolent undead.  These vile creatures typically have little or no
memory of their former lives, and continue to exist only to absorb as
much living material as possible in order to sate their own suffering of 
undeath.   These lost souls are cunning, relentless hunters and have an 
unquenchable thirst for natural energy.  They have been known to take
form as ghouls, shadows, wights, ghasts, etc.  It should be noted that
destroying a malevolent undead creature is not permanent unless defeat
is achieved through holy obliteration.  Any other method of destruction
will only last until the next evening, when the creature arises fully
regenerated, intent on revenge.  Death from a malevolent undead creature
will usually result in the victim inheriting the undead status and form
of its killer.

The third type of undead are the spectral apparitions or projected
lifeforces, who have been damned to live out the same scenes of their
lives for all eternity.  Existing only as echos of life, these spirits
lack physical bodies in Thera, taking the form of ghosts, wraiths,
spectres, or banshees.  Spectral apparitions are caught in an endless
loop of their daily lives, or forced to relive some tragic event which
ended their lives.  Not knowing they are dead, they will either ignore
the living entirely, or fanatically assault any living creatures who
disturb their routine. They seek only be left alone to repeat the same
cycle forever.

The final type of undead known to be wandering Thera are the intelligent
variety which have volunteered (or been forced) into undeath.  Vampires,
revenants, liches, and some mummies have full memory of their living years
and gain certain benefits from their states of undeath, although they must
still feed on energy to exist.  Revenants will typically have a single
purpose in undeath, usually to slay a particular person or persons, and
will expire once that task has completed and they have absorbed the intended
lifeforce(s).  Vampires and liches can exist nearly indefinitely, and are
capable of manipulating negative energy in ways which can create and control
other undead beings.