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The first children of Thera, the giants were created to test the
creation powers of the gods.  They made these large and intelligent
giants in their own image to wander the realm.  Consuming vast amounts
of resources and hungering endlessly for more power, the giants covered
every spectrum of alignment throughout the realm.  Eventually, however,
they fell from the favor of the gods, being cast away as a failed
experiment.  Those of their offspring that were deemed worthy of
existence were scattered deep within the oceans and volcanoes, while
those held in highest favor were granted the gift of limited flight
and placed high in the mountains, forests, and valleys of the northwest.
All were commanded to sleep, which they did for untold years.

Much time passed as the fire giants, encased in the jagged rocks of
the realm's volcanoes, slumbered on.  Noticing the emergence of the 
storm and cloud giants, the gods summoned forth horrific changes to
the fire giants' environment.  Eruptions, fierce earthquakes, and 
boiling, acrid water churned throughout the depths of their volcanic
homes.  Awaking to the pain of existing in such a place, the fire 
giants grew to despise all others blessed with a comfortable life.
Forming a society was difficult in the earliest of years, as only 
the strongest were permitted to live, invoking what is known as 
the 'One Law'.  This law, translated best to simply mean, 'Strength,' 
was the lifeblood of their society.  Loyalty, compassion, honor,
and peace held no place in their culture outside of their immediate
family, as the rise to power and the training of warriors could not
be held back by such precepts.  It was many years before the realm
knew of the fire giants' existence, though eventually scholars and
traders dared traverse their villages. One such scholar, known to the
fire giants as 'The Teacher' brought with him knowledge of things
unheard of to the giants- magic.  It is unknown entirely how he came
to teach them, whether willing or through torture, but what little
the giants understood was twisted and adapted for warfare. With the
foundation of strength deep within their hearts, some fire giants
grew to seek power elsewhere, slipping into the realm and joining
what few guilds would accept to teach them.