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syntax:  enliven <magic type>

<magic type> is either invis, haste, slow, fly, pass door, control translucence,
or stone skin.

Enliven is needed because the above forms of energy are usually lost by
a shapeshifter when they shift.

Enliven is the ability of shapeshifter to imbue the above forms of energy
to the form they are shapeshifted into.  Magic done in this manner only 
lasts half as long as spells that are cast, but it only takes half as 
much energy.  The magic used in this manner usually goes away when 
a shapeshifter reverts to their normal form.

It is rumored that a highly skilled mage who has focused in shapeshifting
does not need the ability to enliven, having progressed beyond its necessity.

See also: forms, shapeshift, revert, shapeshift.