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Any clerical class (including paladins) need to gain empowerment from a
god before they can access any of their more powerful supplications. There
are a number of steps involved in gaining empowerment. First and foremost,
make sure you have a well-thought-out character with a GOOD DESCRIPTION.
Think carefully about why your character follows the sphere and how this
sphere impacts their life. This aspect of your character is what you should
be developing from your first hour, not focusing only on gaining levels.

You have until level 10 to choose a sphere. By then you should have a
general idea of which path you wish to follow, and if you have no idea, then
would be a good time to sit down and consider it. Read the helpfiles on
SPHERES, RELIGION, and WIZLIST to see who fits where. Make sure you are
roleplaying at ALL times. People who just roleplay when they think they are
being watched by their god will be shunned.

The reason why empowerment exists is because we want priests to be part of
a religion. This means that your best bet is to have a sphere with a god.
As a general rule, you cannot properly follow a religion that does not
encompass your SPHERE. There are rare exceptions, but it is not something
you should count on. Thus if you plan to follow a specific RELIGION, pick your
SPHERE accordingly within their spheres of influence.

In all of these instances, you must remember to be respectful of the gods.
If you pray constantly (more frequently than every 15 minutes or so), you are
only irritating the gods who are currently present. If you treat empowerment
as if it is your right, you will also soon learn that empowerment must be
earned. Finally, if you have no response from the god you are trying to gain
audience with, post them a note about yourself. No other god will be able to
answer your questions about empowerment.

Empowerment must be earned in the first place and then you must continue to
earn your empowerment throughout your life in Thera. If you ever stray from
the religion for which you have been empowered, all of your powers will be
cut off.

The ROLE command is a major aid to empowerment-seekers. It is strongly
recommended that you read the helpfile on this command and use it. Even
just a few sentences about your character and his/her beliefs/faith will
prove extremely helpful to your potential empowerer in determining whether
or not you are roleplaying as well as whether or not your character fits
their chosen religion. This, in turn, will generally result in faster and
better results for you.

As of the Fifth Age, empowerment is no longer required for priests to access
their more powerful supplications. Unempowered priests, however, will:

    * Heal at a 30% reduced value
    * Commune ALL level 21+ supplications with a -1 level penalty
    * Unempowered Shamans will not have shaman paths available to them.
    * Unempowered Paladins will not have virtues available to them.
    * Unempowered Druids will receive a -1 penalty to their herb bonuses.