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Syntax: cast 'acidic secretion'

This spell allows the caster to invoke and control a layer of corrosive
Para-Elemental Ooze over his or her hands, which becomes a potent weapon
during combat.  While the ooze lasts, the caster will be able to engage
in only one attack per combat round, regardless of the number of physical
attacks the caster might normally attempt.  

To successfully cast the spell, the caster's hands must be free of any
clothing or armor; enough control is retained over the ooze, however, that
the caster may continue to handle objects safely. Once cast, it is difficult
for an invoker to discern how long this spell will last. 

The proximity of the Ooze to the caster's flesh gives it slightly more raw 
potency than other similar hand-to-hand elemental spells.  While active,
it will also occasionally help the invoker deflect acid-based melee attacks. 
See 'ARMOR DEFLECTION' for more detail.

This spell will only improve in combat, much like a weapon.