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Syntax: cast 'adhesive web' 
        cast 'adhesive web'

This spell hurls strands of sticky, semi-solid Ooze at a target in an
attempt to entangle their limbs.  A quick target may be able to avoid the
bulk of the webbing, though some will always land.  Beings standing near
the primary target, such as groupmates, may be struck by a small number
of strands of the webbing.  Affected targets will find it difficult to let
go of objects, and may have a weapon or shield entangled, thus reducing the
item's effectiveness.  In addition, the weight and adhesion of the web will
hamper the target's reflexes considerably, and entangling a victim who is
relying on winged flight may drop them forcibly to the ground.

An invoker of at least the 33rd level with some mastery of this spell can
cast it without a target. If the terrain is such that anchoring points are
available, this will cause a web to form over the caster's immediate 
surroundings, creating a trap that can entangle victims who enter.  Each
victim who is entangled in this fashion will weaken the area's webbing to
some degree.

To learn Adhesive Web, an invoker must have first mastered Grease (Para-
Elemental Ooze).  It may not be cast in either of its forms underwater, or
in places of extreme temperature.