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Syntax: cast 'animate dead' <corpse>

This spell raises a zombie to do the caster's bidding. A corpse is required for
this spell to work; corpses can be fresh or embalmed. An animated zombie will be
slightly weaker than its former, living self.  When this spell is first
acquired, the necromancer can only animate one corpse at a time; as he grows in
power, the necromancer can then animate additional zombies. Zombies can be
commanded to do various tasks using the ORDER command (as is the case with
golems), though a zombie must have hands or a means to carry objects before it
can manage an inventory of its own. If the necromancer tires of one of his
zombies, he can use the BANISH command to destroy it.

This spell has a high degree of failure and is difficult to perfect, but such
is the toil of necromancers.