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Syntax: cast 'aura of despair'

When affected by the Aura of Despair, an Anti-Paladin is cloaked with
lesser malevolent spirits from the Abyss, bent on weakening the minds
and bodies of the Anti-Paladin's opponents.  Like a contagion they
pass from host to host, and can only be purged from a body of the
afflicted by a Paladin's laying of hands.  Natural creatures are
sensitive to the demonic presence and will be disturbed by it.
Being cloaked in this aura of unclean spirits gives the
Anti-Paladin some small measure of protection from the attacks of
goodly extraplanar creatures, such as angels and archons.
Additionally, should an opponent be afflicted by the aura of despair
as they close in with the Anti-Paladin, the attack they are attempting
will be marginally less likely to succeed.