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The first children of Thera, the giants were created to test the creation
powers of the gods.  Large and intelligent, they made these giants in their
own image to wander the realm.  Consuming vast amounts of resources, and
hungering endlessly for more power, the giants covered every spectrum of
beliefs throughout the realm, though they eventually fell from the favor
of the gods and were cast away as a failed experiment.  Those of their
offspring that were deemed worthy of continued existence were scattered
deep within the oceans and volcanoes, while those held in highest favor
were granted the gift of limited flight and placed high in the mountains,
forests, and valleys of the northwest.  Each of them were commanded to
sleep, and sleep they did for untold centuries.

Much later, The Mages of both Order and Chaos woke the giants of the
mountains to enlist aid in their wars.  They were eventually deceived by
one of the chaos mages of highest standing, 'Delleis the Deceiver', who
convinced many of the impartial, uncaring giants to oppose their brothers
and sisters.  These giants, having a natural affinity for leading soldiers
and waging war, battled each other endlessly, nearly destroying themselves.
Angered that the giants had slipped back into mortal lands, and intent on
stopping one of their creations from destroying themselves, the Violet
Spider poured into them an intense fear and reverence of the Divine,
cursing them to forever be frail against the holy and unholy consequences
of the gods and their agents.  Cowering from their own creator's wrath,
many of the giants fled back to the last place of solace, the harsh, cold
mountains and valleys of the northwest where they grew and thrived as
farmers and hunters.  After many centuries of this isolated, simple life
they regained insight into worship, most often of nature or battle.
Through much hardship, the will and strength of the race has endured from
the beginning, allowing them to eventually dare to venture into the realm
just as those of the volcanoes and seas began to wake.