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DODGE (492)

In the words of one wise warrior, 'the best way to block a blow is to not
be where it lands'.  The dodge skill honors this tradition, by improving
the character's natural agility to the point where many blows will miss
the target.  The chance of dodging is significantly affected by the
dexterity of the attacker and the target.  How well you can dodge is
affected by many things, including (but not limited to): your size, your
dexterity, and the weapon your attacker is using.  Also, the amount of
weight you are carrying (worn or otherwise) impacts how well you Dodge--the
less weight the better.  An attacker with high Hitroll will be slightly
harder to Dodge, as they more accurately respond to your attempts to
escape their reach.

Mechanical Note: As noted above, weight is factor in a successful dodge. 
Your carry weight starts to have a negative impact at 50%, with a sliding
penalty above that. The penalty is fairly mild through about 75%, and gets
more severe as your carry weight approaches 100%.

Even if you do not have the Dodge skill, you may still dodge attacks on
rare occasions.  However, your ability to do so will be greatly reduced
compared to someone who has practiced the skill.

Your skill in dodge will not improve past 80% through use until the 15th 

Order of defenses: Distance, Spin, Evade, Parry, Shield Block, Dodge.