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Syntax: wield       or  wield mainhand 
        dualwield   or  wield offhand 

Taking the time to learn how to fight with a weapon in each hand is no 
easy feat.  Pure magic-users are unable to dedicate themselves to this 
art.  The ability to dual wield is affected by several things:  your 
dexterity, your strength, and the weight of your weapons, etc.  
Some weapons are unable to be dual-wielded because of the nature of their 
use.  A polearm, for example, requires the use of two hands to be used 
properly.  You cannot wield a secondary weapon that weighs more than 75% 
of your primary weapon.  In the cases of lighter weapons, this is not 
true, but will depend on the weapon you wish to use as your secondary 
weapon (for example, you _can_ dual wield  with a whip as your primary 
weapon even though whips are very light). 

Dual wield has an affect on things like shield block, parry, dodge.

Thieves can backstab with a dagger in their dual wield slot if their
main weapon is not a dagger.  You need to practice the skill before you
can try to dual wield weapons.  Through experimentation, you will learn
which weapons can go with which.

Felar may only dual wield with their claws.