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Dwarves and their speech can vary as widely as the length of their 
beards. Whether it is mildly slurred or having crudely shortened 
words, their dialogue is often hurried, the dwarves as a whole 
preferring action to words. Attributed as a testament to their 
short tempers, the loud use of colorful phrases or curses may 
sometimes slip it's way into the average dwarf's speech, something 
which even the most refined of dwarves may succumb to. In addition 
to their common speech, some dwarves are also fond of using runes 
to communicate. Be it for inspiration, demoralization, divine 
guidance, or some other reason, the language is an ancient one, 
understood almost exclusively by the sages, historians, blacksmiths, 
or priests of their society. 

A few common dwarven phrases and idioms include: 

"Axes high!" or "Hammers high!" - calling allies to arms, regardless 
of weapons used 
"... smells like a duergar!" - common dwarven insult 
"... unworthy of the beard you/I wear" - used to shame another dwarf, or self 
"stoking my fire and raising my ire" - used to warn of increased anger 
"Dull blades and stale ale!" - common dwarven curse 
"One must delve deep to mine the most precious jewels." - dwarven proverb 
"My kin can move mountains!" - expression of pride among dwarves 
"A duergar can't smell his own stench." - dwarven proverb 
"Small axe-strokes can fell the greatest of oaks." - dwarven proverb, 
in defense of their stature 
"...clinging to my mother's beard" - reference to infancy/childhood 
"The Final Quenching" - dwarven reference to death