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Obstinate yet potent, the Element of Earth is one of brute force, and
invokers who study this path focus upon shaping, breaking, and hurling
the dirt, rocks, and stones beneath their feet.  A favored craft of the
subterranean Svirfnebli, what it lacks in finesse, it makes up in strength.

Spell                  Level       Requirement
Earthquake             1           None
Sheen of Stone         5           100% Earthquake
Stoneshatter           14          100% Earthquake
Avalanche              22          100% Stoneshatter
Earth Ripple           27          100% Avalanche
Pebble to Boulder      32          100% Avalanche
Earthshield            38          100% Pebble to boulder
Shield of Earth        38          100% Earthshield
Dig                    41          100% Earthshield
Rain of Stone          48          100% Earthshield

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