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EVADE (2178)

Syntax: This is an automatic skill.

The extremely nimble may learn to try to avoid any physical attack, from the
swordsman's jab to a rogue's handful of hurled dirt to the body rush of a
crazed berserker.  Utilizing a mix of wits, reflexes, and creativity, the
defender can escape any such harm directed his way.  While a large, clumsy
giant may attempt to use this technique, they will rarely find it successful.
Even the most agile of combatants will find this more of an occasional reprieve
than a reliable method of avoiding harm.

All characters with sufficient dexterity can potentially evade a blow, though
practicing the Evade skill greatly improves the chances of doing so.

A character can never evade a regular melee (automatic) attack during combat. 
Evade checks against skills that are actively used via a command, such as pincer, 
dirt kick, flurry, bash, and so on.

To put it another way, a character will never dodge something that can be evaded, 
and will never evade something that can be dodged.

Mechanical Note: The Evade skill is far more concerned with dexterity than your
actual evade skill.  The absolute best chance a character can have to evade under
optimal conditions (including having certain edges) is about 12%.