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Syntax: inherent 'forgecraft' <weapon>

Working a forge has been done by Dwarves for so long that it is second nature
to them.  They are able to reforge metal weapons into stronger, more accurate
weapons.  This can only be done in a forge, and will take quite a bit of time.
There are limitations as to what you can forgecraft- the weapon must do its 
harm by physical means, not elemental or magical forces.  Also, the dwarf
must understand how to use the weapon in question.  Finally, a novice cannot
expect to improve upon the finest work of great men- as the dwarf advances in
level, they will be able to rework weapons of increasing craftsmanship.

If a weapon has any negative qualities, the forging has a chance to remove
those. A dwarf with the forgeborn edge has a higher chance of removing
more of these imperfections.

Attempting to forgecraft a broken weapon will attempt to fix the weapon
rather than improve it. This does not inhibit any future improvements.

There is always a small chance that an attempt at Forgecraft will destroy
the weapon.  This improvement can only be done once per weapon.