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Syntax: cast 'greater undead'

This spell provides the caster with a means to create undead creatures of
greater power than animated skeletons and zombies.  The caster must be within 
a graveyard to find the material components for the spell.  Initially the 
necromancer can only create a mummy, but at higher levels he will be able to 
choose between a mummy or a ghoul.

Rumors persist of a variety of other greater undead that a necromancer might 
create.  These creatures can only be called forth from specific graveyards, 
and each individual necromancer only has the knack to call forth a subset of 
the variety of greater undead that are possible.

If a necromancer casts greater undead in a graveyard that can produce a 
special creature and he possesses the ability to create that special creature, 
he will do so in place of the normal mummy or ghoul.  In a graveyard which 
does not have the possibility of a special greater undead or in a graveyard 
for which the necromancer is unable to create that specific greater undead, 
they will create a mummy or ghoul as normal.

See also: BANISH