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Syntax:  herbalforage

By gathering rare herbs and roots in the wild, a druid may pull upon their
mystic power to significantly enhance his protective, healing, offensive, 
natural or utilitarian supplications.  Every region cultivates different herbs 
and more than one variety may be gathered; however, a druid may only have one 
set of herbs from a given wilderness area at a time.  A druid will be aware of 
what kinds of herbs he or she has gathered.

A druid of sufficient power may also call upon the mystic power of the rare
herbs to utilize their limited ability to take animal form (see the helps on
BEARFORM and BIRDFORM for more information); however, using the herbs to
shift shape will render one set of herbs powerless to increase the power of
their supplications.  The longer a druid stays shifted, the more sets of
herbs will be rendered inert.  If a shifted druid runs out of herbs retaining
mystic power, they will be forced to revert to humanoid form.