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Syntax: netcasting

Ancient fishermen have long been skilled at the art of casting nets to catch
their prey in the sea. The mariner is naturally learned in this technique,
though has expanded it to snare prey with legs and feet that may brave his
familiar waters. He can also modify the technique to lay nets on land, but
with diminished effectiveness.

A character who runs afoul of the mariner's prepared net is delayed and damaged
by its many hooks and barbs.

Being entangled in a net penalizes the dexterity of the victim and restricts
them from utilizing some abilities that require freedom of movement or momentum,
much as if they were slowed.  The net will confound many physical attacks,
rending them ineffective, though a victim armed with a dagger has a small chance
to cut themselves free of the net as they attack.  Movement while entangled in a
net is significantly more taxing than normal, and fleeing while entangled is
likely to result in the victim tripping and falling.

Should a character entangled in a net be free from the stresses and distractions
of battle for an hour or two, they will manage to free themselves from the net
regardless of how much longer it would otherwise last.