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The term 'partial shifts' applies to the following group of shapeshifter
spells, all of which involve changing the form of a part of the caster's body:

Claw of the Lion        Horns of the Bull        Ears of the Bat
Paws of the Cheetah     Fangs of the Serpent     Hooves of the Gazelle
Tail of the Lizard

Chitin of the Crab      Hide of the Rhino
Scales of the Crocodile Shell of the Tortoise

A shapeshifter may only maintain one of these spells from each category
above at a time.  To cancel one, simply cast a different one, or use the
REVERT command to restore yourself to your natural form.  None of these
spells carry over during a full shapeshifting.

See also: Individual helpfiles for the spells, REVERT