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Usage: rehearse
       rehearse 'song' for 'item' 

Rehearse without an argument shows you a list of your songs with mana cost and 
how well learned they are. If done in the presence of your guildmaster, you 
will also see how much it will cost you to rehearse each song. Under level 11 
there is no charge for rehearsing songs. At levels beyond that, there is a 
discounted price on rehearsing songs in your hometown. 

To rehearse a specific song you need to find your guildmaster and rehearse the 
song. If you are *not* at your guildmaster, you may use rehearse with the song 
title to find out your ability in that song. If you are at your guildmaster, 
you will actually rehearse the song instead of just seeing your percentage. 
Songs use the same practice sessions as skills and spells so you will notice 
that you have the same number of 'rehearsal sessions' as 'practice sessions' 
because you use them for skills, spells, and songs. If you include an object 
in the command syntax, you will attempt to barter the object for the service 
in lieu of a currency payment. 

See also: BARTER