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Syntax: Automatic Skill

Shield block allows you to use your shield to deflect attacks when your
weapon fails you.  Shield block only works if you are wearing a shield.

Note that without this skill, you may occasionally block an attack with
a shield, but your rate of success will be far below that of someone who
does have the skill.  Shield block is helped by using a shield with a
strong Armor Class against the type of attack you are facing, and possibly
by a relevant Armor Use skill.  It is hindered by an attacker with a high
Hitroll, as they will better aim their strikes around it.

Especially heavy weapons are somewhat harder to block with lightweight
shields.  The natural attacks of very large and powerful monsters follow
a similar logic.

Shield Block will not improve past 80% until you are at least level 15.

Order of defenses: Distance, Spin, Evade, Parry, Shield Block, Dodge

See also: DODGE