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Syntax: timedattack

While archery may be his hallmark fighting style, the hunter is still no
stranger to melee weapons. Having learned much from his skills with observation
and ranged assault, he can apply this knowledge in toe-to-toe combat. In the
midst of battle, a hunter may go on the defense, parrying and dodging while
he observes his enemy's fighting style. When his keen wit has gleaned a 
predictable rhythm, he will choose the precise moment to strike, unleashing
a devastating blow. 

The affect of this attack will vary depending on the weapon used.
SWORD  : You dart behind your victim and swing viciously at their back, 
         leaving them weakened.  This penalizes the victim's strength and
         additionally lowers the maximum weight they can carry.
DAGGER : You land a raking slash down their arm, leaving them bleeding and 
         making it harder for them to retaliate.  This reduces their ability
         to make additional attacks.
STAFF  : You land an arcing smash against the back of your victims head, 
         leaving them disoriented and struggling to focus.  This can cause
         them to fail to concentrate sufficiently for tasks such as casting
         or communing.
SPEAR  : You drop low and swing your spear in a vicious slash against their 
         leg, leaving them bleeding.  This also cripples the target, making
         it harder to walk around.
WHIP   : You circle your victim and unleash a series of brutal lashes across 
         their body, leaving them weakened.

This skill is more effective and can be executed more quickly against opponents
the ranger has observed.