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Syntax: cast 'vitriolic stream' 

This spell creates an opening to the Para-Elemental Plane of Ooze, from
which bursts forth a stream of an acidic substance onto the chosen target.
The caster can direct this stream, using it to burn the flesh of their foe
for so long as the distance between caster and target is not too great.
Maintaining the accuracy of the stream requires some concentration, but
not so much that the caster cannot do other things.  This degree of focus
required still allows for a goodly range of actions, but casting other spells
or manipulating magical devices will surely be too distracting. As the portal
remains open for an increasing time, it will become smaller and the stream
will become weaker, but holding it open requires no additional energy once
the spell's initial cost is paid.

To learn Vitriolic Stream, an invoker must first master Gel (Para-Elemental